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Month: May, 2011

Fairground Attraction

Timelapse photography, turned into an inspiring video. Love this. Fairground Attraction – Fun Fair timelapse from Mark Rigler on Vimeo.

This describes me to a “t”! Without the Google-fu, I’d be hopeless.

My Twitter Posts for 2011-05-22

Anyone need their assets taken care of when they get raptured today? I volunteer! #

Turns Out It Was Just a Sneeze

Seen on Pharyngula. “Still here. I thought I had been raptured, but it was just a sneeze.” Like most atheists and even some Christians, I laugh at the silliness of it all. But there is another side to this whole episode that angers me deeply. Some people think that I take things too seriously, and […]

Cross-processing Ektar 100

I just came across these sites while surfing online. Apparently, some people have tried cross-processing Ektar 100 with pretty interesting results. I think I may want to try this some time… Note for the uninitiated: Normally people tend to buy slide film and cross process it in C41 (regular colour negative) chemicals. However, […]

Rapture Pet Care Service Article from New York Times about a bunch of kooks who think the world will end today. Some even quit their jobs and fell out with their family over this. Sigh. I sure hope those kooks will be able to get their jobs back tomorrow. To everyone who believes that they will be raptured […]

Quote of the Day

Stare. It’s the way to educate your eyes. Pry, Listen, Eavesdrop. Die knowing something. You are not here long. Walker Evans

Train Pain

32 years of courtesy campaigns and one ‘world class & affordable’ transportation system have culminated in this proud moment. I got off the train to let make way for other people exiting the train, and now I can’t get back on the train >:(

Trent Parke – Dreamlives (2002)

Trent Parke – Dreamlives (2002) – Australian Story from L8n W. on Vimeo. The first couple of minutes is a bit slow, but it gets very inspiring after that to see the kind of ideas they have for photo projects. I wish I was half as creative. I’m tempted to get a Nikonos now and […]

Quote of the Day

From Quote Vadis Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. Buddhist proverb