I hate cockroaches!

by Terence

I was just about to go to bed when I saw a cockroach flutter in through the kitchen window. It landed on the wall and scurried into the bathroom. I ran for the Baygon and waited for it to appear again before letting loose with the bug spray. Of course, it had to do a dramatic death scene and turned my entire kitchen and bathroom into a toxic zone.

First, the effect of the spray made it fly into the bathroom mirror, then fell onto the toiletries. It then tried to fly at me (goodness knows why), so I panicked and beat a hasty retreat out of the bathroom. It then flew onto the kitchen cabinets and started running the length of the cabinet.

By this time, I was severely grossed out already, but had enough presence of mind to time my spray of Baygon to avoid contaminating the dishes which were drying on the counter. Of course, the cockroach was wise to my plan, and in the throes of death, it ran straight for area where the dishes were, spraying cockroach poo all over the cabinet doors, and finally falling onto the laundry basket on top of the washing machine, and then jumping straight into the dishes.

I was pretty sure it was dead or dying by now, having sprayed copious amounts of bug spray at the stupid bug, but I wasn’t keen on lifting up the dishes to see where it was, just in case it made another death lunge at me. I ran to the bedroom to re-gather my energy and recount the harrowing experience to Joan before coming back with a plastic bag and some tissue to clean up the carcass.

And guess what? I lifted every single bloody dish, and the darn cockroach is nowhere to be seen! I’m SURE it is lying dead somewhere behind my washing machine or thereabouts, but it’s almost 2am, and I’m not in the mood to disinfect my kitchen and bathroom, and go crawling around behind the washing machine looking for that piece of vermin, which BETTER BE DEAD. Sigh. Much as I hate the thought of my kitchen being a toxic mess with cockroach prints, poo and bug spray all over the place, it’s going to have to wait till morning. So traumatic, might need to calm down before I can go to sleep 🙁

Update: As luck would have it, it considerately placed itself right behind the washing machine, making me use a stick to push it out before I could dispose of it. I sprayed the sucker one more time just to be sure… its legs were still twitching.