Shipping an Ant in a Box for an Elephant

by Terence

They Shipped My 41mm UV filter In This Box

My package from Adorama arrived today, containing my 41mm UV filter for my Leitz Summarit 50 f/1.5. It’s a perfect fit in case anyone is wondering. Before I ordered this filter online, I asked around a few shops in the Peninsula Plaza area. The guy at Ron’s Camera obviously doesn’t know his stuff. He told me that there were no 3rd party filters to fit the lens, and that the original Leica filter would be near impossible to find and cost a bomb (he was right about the latter). This filter including shipping was just shy of SGD$50. I think I would have paid close to the same amount locally had this thread size been available.

This Is It

If I’d known there was so much empty space, I would have added more stuff to the cart… I forgot to check if they had a screwmount to M adaptor as well as rear lens caps for a couple of my lenses.