Osim Singapore Triathlon 2003

by Terence

Woke up at an unearthly hour this morning to catch my cousin Arthur’s triathlon attempt at East Coast Park. Quite glad I did it, cos’ I got some interesting shots with my new 70-200 lens. I must say I’m very impressed by the colour and sharpness of this lens 🙂

Go Go GO!!!

last one back is a rotten egg...
Last one back is a rotten egg…

my cousin pedalling away...
Arthur pedalling away on his new bike… There’s a story behind that one… he bought it a week back on his trip to the US, but the airline lost it on the way back, and he was left bike-less with only a week to the race. After harrassing the airline people on a daily basis, the bike was eventually found, but slightly damaged.

run arthur run!
Arthur halfway through his run.

what drives you?
The youngest competitor in the race… he’s only 13! Wow. He’s not Singaporean by the way… figures, right?

The pros gearing up for their race… this race was the one after Arthur’s, and it featured full-time professional triathletes from all over the world, complete with super-buff bodies and beautiful bikes…