Tick Tock Tick Tock

by Terence

There are 2 dates that I am anticipating with a mix of eagerness and fear… Nov 14 and Jan 30. Each date in it’s own way represents my departure into the unknown, and a step in a new direction.

Meanwhile, back on earth, I got my typhoid vaccination today, and I found out too late that these voluntary vaccinations aren’t subsidised by the company 🙁 If I’d known this earlier I’d have rather gotten them done at my family doctor cos’ the non-subsidised rates are sky high and this trip is costing me a fair bit in terms of logistics. On last count, I think I’ve spent almost as much on gear as I have on the trip itself. At least I’m fairly sure I won’t freeze to death while I’m there, and I’m all togged out for future trips 🙂

While waiting in the clinic for my vaccination certificate, I noticed the nurse calling for one of my married colleagues who happened to be there for a vaccination as well. She responded to her maiden name being called, and I wondered what life would be like being sometimes called Ms X and sometimes Mrs Y… it would surely confuse me…