See ya later alligator :)

by Terence

Well, this is it. I’m as packed and ready as I’ll ever be and I’m off to bed now. Somehow I’ve still not quite come to terms with the fact that I’m actually leaving for Nepal tomorrow morning… although I am looking forward to it, somehow I’m not as excited as I thought I would be. It’s kind of a muted excitement… oh well, I’m sure all that will change once I see the mountain ranges from the plane window 🙂

I’ve decided to only bring my wide angle lens to save weight and so that I have one less fragile gadget to worry about (already have my camera, portable harddisk, handphone, mp3 player, battery charger and so on to worry about!) I just hope I don’t end up regretting this decision :p

Ok, then… in a while, crocodile 🙂

And btw, get yourself into the christmas mood by going down to orchard road one of these nights (went down last night with Joan and David to take some shots), esp the area near HMV… the christmas music they play there just puts me in a happy mood 🙂