Honk if you want to say…

by Terence

Made it to Nepal safe and sound, will begin the trek tomorrow. Have some preparation to do before the trek, so no time to do a long update, but there’s so much to see and do in Kathmandu… so many photo opportunities. But I’m still shy of flashing my camera around cos’ there are also lots of touts.

One thing is that the traffic is very chaotic, though miraculously, no accidents. And this is one place where honking your horn can mean lots of things, eg:
1) excuse me i’d like to overtake you
2) please get out of my way
3) you idiot!
4) can I interest you in a taxi ride?

The plane ride was a little cramped cos I got sandwiched in between 2 large men, but thankfully it was only a short flight of about 6hrs.

Got a slight bit of diarrhoea cos’ of the water, but the food is GOOD!!! Ate some dhal (vegetable bean curry) last night, and it was fantastic. Amazingly cheap too 🙂

Well, will update more when I’ve more time…