I’m back! I’m back! I’m back…

by Terence

… in Kathmandu that is.

In a nutshell, it’s been a majorly exciting trip with lots to see and learn, and lots of surprises too.

I was supposed to go to Langtang originally but due to Maoist activity in the area, it was closed by the army. We ended up going to Manang instead. The trek was easier, the scenery was nicer, and no problems with the Maoists, except for encountering a huge group of them on the first day (but they left us alone, whew!)

So it was day after day of trekking, staying at one beautiful guesthouse after another thanks to our fantastic guide, eating lots of local food and local versions of international food (heh). We finally ended up in Manang, face to face with the peaks of the Annapurnas, lots of friendly people, yaks, goats, dogs and the odd cat (very rare in Nepal).

The trekking I did with my friend Sum this time was what we prefer to call slacker trekking – we got a porter and we refuse to trek more than 6hrs a day (preferably less actually), and I found that this gave me more time and energy to take in the scenery and culture of Nepal.

In true slacker style, we trekked into Manang and then waited 4 (very anxious as it turned out) days to get a flight out (airline had a habit of delaying or cancelling flights). We used the free time to explore the various monasteries and mountain views of the region… truly heavenly.

The plane ride out was on a tiny propeller engined plane that the pilot skilfully manoveured through the mountainside, giving us a gorgeous view of the mountains closeup (I didn’t dare to take any pix in case my camera electronics screwed up the plane’s navigation equipment and turning us into fiery mountain dirt).

Ok, am off to chill and settle other stuff now… will update when I return 🙂