The one I gave away

by Terence

The one I gave away

This is just an iPhone shot of the polaroid neg, but you can easily see why I think this was the best shot of the day.

This guy was scavenging stuff from nearby trashcans and managed to score a DVD player (it’s in the red plastic bag) that had been thrown away. He watched with curiosity as my friend Alex and I participated in some trashcan scavenging of our own (we tried to salvage a music stand). He was very nice and dug up other miscellaneous metal poles that looked like they belonged to the stand for us.

He then sat by the roadside watching us as we continued on our way taking photos, and then stopping to do some weird-ass jumping photos against a wall while waiting for the sun to come out from behind the clouds. On top of that, I had a polaroid neg hanging off a carabiner from the back of my hat (a jury rigged arrangement devised by Alex to let the neg dry without smudging). He must have thought we were utterly mad.

While walking back, I just felt that I wanted to give him a polaroid picture of himself. I asked him if I could take a shot of him and give him the print. After some initial puzzlement about what I wanted, he finally said ok, and this is the result.

During the 75 seconds it took for the film to develop, I found out that his name is Muriah (hope I didn’t mangle his name). He was from India, and had been working here in the construction industry as a concrete mixer for the last 15 years.

As we walked away, he must have again thought we were utterly mad to approach him, take a photo of him, and then give away the print (not knowing that I was intending to salvage the neg!). I did request a safety shot (in case I screwed up the neg while bleaching and ended up with nothing) using my M6 though, which he generously obliged.

I can’t wait to scan this properly!!!

Here are some of the other polaroids that I shot today.
Today's Polaroid haul :D

And some of the better shots using the iPhone.
Somebody loves somebody
This was done by a couple that we spotted squatting at the steps on our way down from the carpark. Cute.

Whatever the sign says
Weird sign lying on the grass.

Magic morning light

Red chair

ugly claustrophobia-inducing skyline
I’ve walked to this spot many times and seen the skyline from this exact spot, but today I felt an immense claustrophobia looking at how all the skyscrapers seem to be squashed like sardines. How did we let our skyline get so ugly?

My Chinese is too sucky to know for sure what the words say, but it sure is creative.