Whiter than white

by Terence


I read this article in the Straits Times today written by one of the lecturers at the LKY School, “Sex, Lies, Leadership: An Inevitable Threesome?” It didn’t sink in at first, but the more I thought about his conclusion, the more it bothered me.

Trotting out biological evidence that stronger leaders have stronger libido does not excuse their behaviour unless we are talking about mindless libido-driven beasts. But I would like to believe that the people who lead us are rational moral agents like ourselves. Furthermore, do we also turn a blind eye if our leaders use their position and power to enrich themselves? Do we just sigh and say that this is the price we pay for good leadership?

These people are leaders, and they set the example by which the rest of us aspire to. If the leader is able to cheat on someone that they claim to love and cherish, could they not as easily cheat on their commitments to the voters?