The Fruits of Civilisation

by Terence

This morning I read the headlines before coming into work (my mum finally decided to have the papers delivered to the house… yay!) and I noticed that Israel had decided to dismantle the security fence they put up in the West Bank.

I’d been following this story over the past week and I felt that Israel’s excuse that the fence would keep out terrorists was just a flimsy attempt to grab more land from the Palestinians. But the news report this morning gave me cause to reconsider my opinion. At same time that the fence was being taken down, a suicide bomber blew himself up in a crowded bus, killing at least 8 people and wounding about 50 others 🙁

Since I was a child, I’ve harboured the hope that the Israelis and Palestinians would make peace with each other in my lifetime. Over the years, the cynic in me has begun to feel that it will take a miracle for that to happen… ever. It angers me to think that while the suicide was intended to strike a blow against the perceived oppressors, it only makes things worse for the ordinary Palestinians since Israel can now use this as an example of how its “good will” is repaid, and go on to say that their decision to put up the security fence was justified.

Sometimes I just wish that people would just learn to let go of their anger and llive in peace. Idealism aside, at the very least I wish they would have the intelligence to choose their battles. Wars are won through cunning and strategy, not by desperately striking at every target available like 2 kids in a playground fight. There seems to be this destructive tendency in human nature which leads to the propensity to hurt each other. It seems that thousands of years of civilisation haven’t changed us much…