Tales in Green

by Terence

Well, tomorrow is the start of our living hell… the day of loading up stores before the big exercise. The kiasu attitude of the higher-ups asking for double the amount of stores that they will really need, plus the recent wet weather will ensure that there’s lots of washing up to do after the whole thing is over. No doubt there will also be lots of lost stores that we will end up paying for as well.

Then there is the matter of non-communication… I’m expected to find my way through an area that I’ve never been to before using only a vague sketch map that is probably not to scale… As usual, my request to be included in the recce trip to the area was ignored. Yes, even in the army… pointy-haired bosses exist.

In the words of a stand-in company sergeant major during our coordination meeting after stating that his officer commanding, company sergeant major and company quartermaster were not going to be around during this in-camp training, “let the orgy begin…”