Golf while the rest of the world is stuck in traffic

by Terence

I was rudely reminded today of how land scarce we are here in Singapore. Where do you go on a public holiday? People everywhere, traffic snarls and carparks overflowing with cars double parked everywhere.

Seems like those of us who aren’t fortunate enough to travel out of the country end up going to one of the few recreation spots we have on the island, such as the Botanic Gardens, Sentosa, or East Coast Park. The other alternative is to go shopping or watch a movie.

Of course, each of these choices mean braving heavy traffic and fighting for car park lots.

Contrast this lack of recreational alternatives with the numerous golf courses all over this tiny dot of an island. No small wonder that I was never a big fan of golf or golfers… a small number of selfish bastards with lots of cash (or aspiring to be as such), hogging inordinately huge swathes of land, while the other have-nots have to scrap over the limited alternative parts of the country.

Economic logic or not, I still think that there is something to be said about striking a balance between the needs of the elite versus the needs of the many.