Womad 2005 Revisited

by Terence

Tonight we went back for round 2 of our shoot at Womad. I think that the recent shoots over the weekends have gotten me back in touch with the joy of photography. Just when I was beginning to feel that everything was getting stale.

Meet the Toilet Bouncer. His job is to ensure that you don’t use the toilet unless you own a Manhatten Card. Ah, the perks of being a member. The regular toilets look exactly the same, except that they don’t have a toilet bouncer stationed outside.

Wonder if he has to sign up for a card too so that he can get to use it himself… well anyway, I’m sure it’ll look mighty good on the resume :)

Wicked Aura Love. Good stuff. Normally I don’t think much of home-grown acts, but these guys are really good.


This shot was actually a mistake cos’ the lights were strobing and I caught the shot when everything was dark. However, a bit of photoshopping later and the result was actually quite interesting. Don’t try this at home kids.