by Terence

I was dragged into this ultra boring system test for a new system that our Customer Services were rolling out today, so I did a bit of surfing in between waiting for my colleagues to finish their sections (we had to do the tests as a team to simulate a real-time environment).

Out of sheer boredom, I keyed the letters CPF into Google and here’s what came up…

Canadian Parents for French
California Professional Firefighters
Cadastro de Pessoas FĂ­sicas
Captain Planet Foundation
Commander Pacific Fleet
Compuforce Group
Canadian Porphyria Foundation
Collaborative Partnership on Forests
Cranfield Centre for Precision Farming
Candle Power Forums
CPF Auctions
Carrington Performance Fabrics
Cleft Palate Foundation
California Preservation Foundation

Personally, I thought that the Captain Planet Foundation was quite quirky, and what on earth is precision farming??