Sucky Service

by Terence

I must have said this countless times, but nowadays I find that I get very incensed when I’m on the receiving end of terrible service.

I made a trip down to Sim Lim during lunch today to send my portable harddisk in for repair. After testing the harddisk, the technician acknowledged that it was faulty and that it would be replaced with a new one. Then he noticed that a little bit of plastic covering the power connector at the back of the harddisk had chipped off, and he said that he couldn’t replace it after all. He had to send it back to the manufacturer and let them determine if the broken piece of plastic rendered my warranty void.

This got me really upset because the harddisk was faulty way before that piece of plastic ever broke off. Flashback to Saturday… I couldn’t find any information on how to get the harddisk repaired on the website, only instructions stating that I would have to bring it back to the place of purchase for them to send my harddisk in for repairs. So I took a trip down to Sim Lim to the shop I bought the portable harddisk from. The salesperson at the shop said that I’d have to bring it back to the dealer myself, and proceeded to help me remove my harddisk from the external casing. As he pulled the power connector out, a bit of the plastic broke off, but I thought nothing of it since it did not affect the harddisk in terms of functionality.

As far as I’m concerned, the broken bit has nothing to do with the mechanical functioning of the harddisk, and cannot be taken as damage that voids my warranty. If anything, the broken bit of plastic only drives home the point about durability of the device. I don’t think the salesperson was being unduly rough with his disassembly, and I was really surprised that it could break under such circumstances.

So anyway, I’m going to wait for their verdict. If they refuse to replace my harddisk, I’m going to raise some Terence-Hell.