The Inevitable

by Terence

I’ve been mentally preparing for it for a long time, just that I never expected it to end this way, and in some ways I think I’m still in shock.

Our oldest dog Brindal died yesterday of kidney failure. For the last couple of years, I witnessed the slow de-generation of our once youthful and spunky little shih tzu. First she started getting gall stones and had to endure 2 operations. Then she also started becoming blind and deaf. And yesterday was the final straw. when we brought her to the vet and found out that her kidneys had quit and that she had to be put down.

She was an amazingly loyal dog. Nothing pretty to look at, but very cute with loads of personality. Tiny as she was, she was always game for action and a fighter to the end. Despite all the health problems in her later life, she never whined or complained. I’ve never seen her yelp or even flinch, even when she was getting jabs at the vet.

Her only phobia was thunder and lightning storms. That would get her running into any room with people in it for company, and shivering away in a corner. Even then, not a peep out of her.

We decided to bring her home and add her to the ranks of our pet cemetery in my parent’s back yard, next to Curly, our poodle (who is now a sporting a very lively fern above her plot).