4 Days of Hell and Counting

by Terence

I’m still trying to ride out this bout of flu. After 4 trips to the doctor in the last 4 days, I can safely say that it’s the worst case of flu that I’ve ever suffered from. Constant fever, body aches, cough, cold, migraine, vomiting fits… you name it, I suffered it. The last two days were especially hellish, and I began to wish that I could pull my consciousness out of my body and come back when it was all over.

I wonder what purpose viruses hold in the scheme of things. Are they in my body to feed off my immune system? Is this what it’s all about? Just a simple act of survival? Or is the intent to kill me off? I found myself getting quite upset at the thought that the virus might be trying to kill me, and I made up my mind that I sure as hell wouldn’t allow that to happen 🙁