Heaven is…

by Terence

… coming back to my Mac. I know I’ve been saying this like a broken record, but I absolutely look forward to coming home to my precious Mac (and wife, and dogs…) every evening.

My windows laptop at work crapped out on me when I tried to run some program that was on a network drive. This caused Norton Firewall to go into panic mode and it started popping up warning messages with every mouseclick. The program I was trying to run just froze and I had no choice but to force close it. But the darn pop-ups from the firewall just kept coming, and I lost my internet connection.

By this stage, I decided that the only way I was going to get any work done was to reboot. After rebooting, things took a turn for the worse. Norton Firewall decided that everything, including my login access to the network had to be questioned. Each time, I’d click the option to allow the access to the network everytime (duh). But the same question kept popping up, and my desktop was completely blank, apart from the generously provided recycling bin.

I tried fiddling around with the firewall settings in the hope that maybe there was something I could do, but no dice. I couldn’t even disable the firewall because it was locked by the administrator. It was 10am, and I was getting nowhere. Time to call IT Helpdesk. They said they were sending a technician down, so I waited. And waited. And waited.

20 minutes later, I thought that I’d better find a spare workstation. Later, I found out from IT Helpdesk that the technician was fixing someone else’s pc at the moment and would only be able to come by after lunch.

The spare workstation wasn’t much better. I suspect that something inside it was overheating because the fan was running very very loudly and it would spontaneously reboot every so often. The first time it happened I thought the power cable was loose and maybe I’d kicked it. The second time it happened, I decided to become some deranged document saver, saving my file after every sentence.

When the technician finally came, I was away at a meeting and she was unable to login to my workstation as it had gone into screensaver mode, and by company policy, the screensaver mode cannot be disabled.

To cut the story short, everything is back to normal again, although I have no clue what happened in the first place. All I know is that the more I work with windows, the more I want to get back to my Mac asap. This is coming from a one-time diehard pc user who refused to make the switch despite the better judgement of my wife.

Sorry for the long rant. And I know it’s not funny. That’s because it’s not meant to be. Windows is no laughing matter.