The Value of a Second

by Terence

Lately I’ve become the slothful blogger. Photos are few and far between, and blog posts even more so. Since Clare appeared in our lives, everything seems to go at light speed. Today she’s into her 5th month on earth… I can’t imagine where all that time went. Can’t be both online and outside at the same time I guess.

In my free time (ie lunch hour), I’ve been listening to podcasts. I swear that they are the next generation of tv on demand. Watch what you want, when you want. Short snippets of video podcasts, news, discussions, reviews, audio books… you name it, someone is doing it.

Anyway, one of the podcasts that I listen to regularly is Lenswork (you can find it on iTunes), and the editor often shares little snippets of creative wisdom that I find to be most refreshing and thought provoking. In one of the podcasts, he related the story of a famous photographer, who held an exhibition of his life’s best work. He came to the realisation that his life’s work was represented by about 50 photos, and each was taken at around 1/250th of a second. Together, these works didn’t even make up one second of his life.

Ultimately, this is probably what our lives boil down to in the end. Those moments of pure brilliance that make the rest of life worth living even if it’s just watching paint dry.