Acronym Anarchy

by Terence

Joan is going to think I’m nuts for blogging about this, but it bothers me.

Singapore has a habit of creating an acronym for everything. When it comes to naming our expressways, it is the same thing. PIE, CTE, KJE, AYE, SLE… it would take a Singaporean to understand them all, and that we do (they are acronyms for our numerous expressways in case you were wondering).

I used to wonder how they came up with these acronyms. For example, PIE stands for Pan Island Expressway, but Ayer Rajah Expressway ended up being given the acronym AYE instead of ARE. Where was the system?? Then one day a teacher enlightened us by revealing that the names were taken from the first 2 syllables of the name of the expressway.

Well, that explanation satisfied me… until today. I just discovered that the newly opened Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway was called KPE instead of KLE. What is up with that???!! So much for a logical system of acronyms 🙁