Nightmare on Boon Tiong

by Terence

For some reason, Clare absolutely refuses to eat when either Joan or I come home from work before she has had her dinner. Last night was another mammoth struggle. She ended up eating only 4 pieces of carrot and she took over an hour to do so. Along the way, she’d try to struggle out of her chair, push the food away, pretend to want to drink water (frequently), and generally just bawling her eyes out as if her father was trying to poison her.

Clare Refusing to Eat

As I am typing this and watching my little angel sleeping beside me, it’s hard to imagine that it was the same Clare that was re-enacting Nightmare on Boon Tiong last night… she is such a monkey and I can’t imagine life without her antics.

Each night before she finally falls asleep, she will usually perform one or more of the following rituals:
1) climb up and down the bed
2) try to grab stuff off the table or rummage through the bedside drawers
3) take off her pyjamas
4) dance (sometimes on top of my laptop!!!)
5) clamour for tv
6) clamour for a bedtime story
7) ignore me while I am reading her a bedtime story
8) refuse to drink her milk
9) use her milk bottle as a watering can all over the bed
10) chatter incessantly
11) rip stuff out of her books (pages, pop-outs, etc)
12) pinch and climb all over her parents
13) play with the bedside lamp switch
14) play peek-a-boo with the blankets
15) bounce on the pillows
16) bounce on daddy’s tummy
17) repeat no. 3)
18) play with the body lotion
19) sing a song

i’m sure that there are a lot more examples of her antics, but these are more than enough to keep us going for a week! She’s unbelievably cute.