Even Trees Grow Old

by Terence

Even trees grow old

This tree, along with many others just like it, grew up together with me and they would bloom with these beautiful trumpet flowers every year. The flowers would litter the road and make the estate look like the Sakura festival in Japan, or if you imagined hard enough, snow. The seeds of these trees are pretty interesting too. They have this wing-like structure that allows them to hover slowly to the ground, much like a helicopter.

I was quite sad to see this tree devoid of leaves today. Maybe now I can finally get back the various things that got trapped up there over the years. As kids, I spent a lot of time playing on the road outside my mum’s house. The road was a dead-end and only residents would drive through on the way home at the end of the day. We played soccer, badminton, hide and seek, flew our kites, skated and cycled here. This tree, which stood outside the house my aunt used to stay in, together with the one outside my mum’s place gleefully devoured our kites, shuttlecocks, slippers snagged while trying to retrieve shuttlecocks, etc…

Yes, I lived those Charlie Brown moments, and they were good memories.

While trees do grow old and die eventually, I have always assumed that the trees I grew up with in my mum’s housing estate would outlive me.