Driving Miss Clare

by Terence

We originally planned to take Clare to the Botanic Gardens this evening before having dinner at my mum’s place, but we had to save that for another time as our little princess napped all the way until it was almost her dinner time.

Instead, we took her for a ride in her plastic push car after her dinner along the Clementi Park Connector, which has a very convenient entrance just outside my mum’s place.

Driving along the park connector highway

Driving along the park connector highway
Coming through!

Bored while Driving Home
Guess Clare must have been getting bored by this point.

A Dog's Life
My sister picking up after her dog Sam while he looks on like a little prince 🙂

Serious Fun
Clare is a bit wary of swings for some reason, but tonight she seemed game to give it a go and patiently allowed me to strap her into the swing. She looked dead serious at first, probably because she was feeling a bit scared, but she relaxed and started having fun after a few swings.

Finally letting loose
Finally letting loose a little and looking more relaxed 🙂