The Never Ending Story

by Terence

This is a continuation of my horrific saga with HDB.

My last email to the CEO has also been ignored. Well, they’re not getting away with it that easily. I know some people may think I’m crazy or anal, but I intend to keep going up the chain of command until somebody who cares about quality starts giving a shit. Today, I sent my complaint in via REACH. Let’s see if I get a response this time. I’ve never received such poor service in all my dealings with the government!

I am writing to complain about the absolutely appalling service I have received from HDB regarding my waiver appeal for a parking fine.

My waiver appeal was rejected the first time. When I reappealed via the original case officer and the Quality Service Manager (attached), HDB ignored my email. I emailed the QSM a second time one week later, and I finally got 2 shoddily worded emails from 2 separate HDB employees (attached). Both basically ignored the contents of my email and simply referred me back to their original rejection email, i.e. the implied message was “We don’t need to read your 2nd email, the case is closed, please pay up.”

Totally horrified by the responses I received, I decided to email their CEO to complain about the appalling quality of service, believing that if anyone in the organisation cared about providing quality, it would be the CEO. Unbelievable as it may seem, it has been 3 working days, and HDB has not responded to my email! I have never received such terrible service from a government agency. Even non-SQA organisations would at least give me an interim response! Possibly, they are ignoring me in the hope that I’ll eventually shut up and pay up.

Regardless of whether I get a waiver from HDB, what I want addressed is the shoddy and indifferent handling of this case by HDB, and the lack of attention to quality. I want to know what HDB is going to do about this, and I do not intend to stop pursuing the matter until I find someone who does care about quality.

HDB finally emailed me on 21 November with the expected response. They gave a general apology for the handling of the case, but rejected my waiver appeal on the grounds that I am a repeat offender (i.e. in the same league as jaywalkers, drug addicts and Mas Selamat). Oh well, at least I got the apology I wanted. I can step off my soap box now, until the next skirmish with them.