by Terence

If you are from Singapore, you will find that this scene looks very familiar. The difference is that this is Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and the last person standing doesn’t win a car for their troubles. They win… a whopping $5,000.


The good news is that the winner does get the chance to use that $5,000 to go to Singapore to take part in the real deal. And this time, go home with a new car.

The Subaru Challenge has been held in Singapore for a while now, and each year, some people will try to be the last person standing with their hand on the car in order to win themselves a new Subaru car.

So this is the real deal. These people are doing this to win themselves a new car. Although honestly, I think Subaru has proven that people would do the same damn thing for $5,000, so maybe next year they should just give the winner a $5,000 discount off a new car 🙂

Well, my daughter decided to give the challenge a go today, except that she was doing it to win… a box of mini highlighter markers, and a couple of balloons. It was the most patient I’ve EVER seen her.

Looking a bit stressed out, but still determined to hang on.

It was quite funny how she got all inspired to do this after watching those people with their hands on the car. In fact, she didn’t want to let go, even after getting her prize!

Thumbs up with her granddad after a job well done 🙂
All is good