I love 40mm

by Terence

While waiting for my scanner to come back from Canon, and also my 40.5mm filter to be shipped in, here are some photos taken with my new Rokkor 40mm lens.




I really love the 40mm field of view. I think that 40mm is perfect for portraits and street photography. Not too wide such that the subject gets lost in the photo, but wide enough such that your subject has context. I’ve been searching in vain for a digital equivalent. Unfortunately, there isn’t any digital camera with a full-frame sensor that has a 40mm lens. Sigh.

The other troublesome thing about film is the need to scan my negatives. With these photos, I tried the scanning service offered by the photo lab, but I find the results quite yucky actually. The photos look very grainy and the grain pattern has a very digital signature. I’m going to have to re-scan these when the scanner is back. I’m also considering getting a loupe so that I can pick out the shots I want to scan instead of scanning them all then deciding which ones to delete.