Tales of the Techless

by Terence

At the end of a job, some people will indulge themselves with a cigarette, a beer, a glass of wine, or a night out on the town. Me, I like nothing better than to chill out with my laptop in a coffee joint (or anywhere with free wifi) and enjoy a latte or a some other cold drink, and occasionally maybe a slice of cake.

Today’s site visit was particularly tough. I hate Vista’s implementation of the virtualstore folder to store data in the Program Files directory. You install something into C:\Program Files, expecting the data files to be there, but it ends up being quietly relocated by the OS into another folder deep in the bowels of the OS. The best part is that even when I uninstalled the application, it still magically had a copy of the data files somewhere in the system, which it kept referencing even after I reinstalled the app to a different location.

A search using Vista’s “improved” search function as usual yielded no results. Presumably, the virtual locations are not within the parameters of what the search function is allowed to search into. The result is that I had phantom data that did not appear anywhere in the system, yet when I reinstalled the app, the data would assert itself, and override the location of the new set of data. The best part is that you don’t know where the phantom data resides, and it’s not searchable, so there is no way to delete it! I’m doing more research on this, but I suspect I’ll need to do some registry geekery to get around the issue.