Feeling Screwed Over

by Terence

I’m so incredibly tired, but I have to write something about my incredibly shitty day.

Basically, I feel like I’ve been screwed over by the SAF, and on top of that, HDB decides that today is a good day to fine me for illegal parking yet again.

I’ve been going for my in-camp training since my first year at university, and I’ve gone for every single one of my call-ups and never asked for a deferment. It’s been 10 years now, and my unit has reached the end of its cycle and is going to stand down, i.e. no more in-camp training. This year is supposed to be my last round of in-camp training, and I was looking forward to getting back the freedom to leave the country and not have to report in to MINDEF every time.

However, I found out today that due to an administrative cock-up a few years back where they somehow forgot to recall me for one of the in-camp trainings, I am now one in-camp training short of the 10 needed to stand down together with my unit.

Ordinarily, I would just shrug my shoulders and accept the fact that I need to make up for the one missed training year. However, things aren’t that simple. In-camp training is classified as either high key or low key. I am missing one of my high key trainings. However, the new unit which I will be assigned to isn’t due to have a high key training until their 3rd in-camp. This means that I will have to do 3 more years of in-camp training instead of 1. No matter how I try to see this positively, it feels like I’ve gotten the short end of the stick, since I never intentionally missed any of the training.

Because of an administrative error, I’ll have to stand by and watch the others go free, while I get to come back again next year (or possibly even as early as July this year), and the year after that, and the year after that. The best part is that my officers and CO aren’t willing to do anything for me. My CO said that the chances of the appeal getting through are next to nothing because I didn’t meet the criteria for appeal, and even implied that coming back for more training was no big deal since I wasn’t running my own business. Of course, he neatly skipped the part about why it was that I didn’t meet MINDEF’s bloody criteria in the first place.

To top things off, I decided to go home to bathe and change before going to my mum’s place for dinner, so I parked the car downstairs for a short while and went upstairs. When I came down about 20 minutes later, I got a $100 fine from HDB. Curse you Murphy.

Needless to say, I’m not feeling very pro-government right now, and no guesses which way I’ll be voting if election day were tomorrow. I’m going to bed. I’ve still got a week more of shitty SAF to endure.