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Budding Actress

m20090008tmax400_contact009, originally uploaded by photokalia. Clare got bored after a while and decided to try her hand at acting instead. She ran into the house declaring that she wanted to read, and then strolled out nonchalantly to get into the shot as Joan was trying to get a shot of her grandma.

Joan at work

m20090008tmax400_contact011, originally uploaded by photokalia. This was a photoshoot she did for her family. I took the opportunity to bring the Hassy with the 80mm out for a spin. It’s not easy using it to capture impromptu moments as the depth of field is pretty shallow and focussing it accurately can be difficult, not to […]

Test shots with the Hassy

m20090004tmax400_contact001, originally uploaded by photokalia. I kept developing blank rolls. Finally figured out I was loading the film the wrong way around. Fixed that, and the results are gorgeous!